Grand Theft Auto III, also known as GTA 3 or GTA III, is the third installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, and was released in 2001.
GTA III is the first foray into true three-dimensional GTA gameplay, with the player taking control of the game via a third-person perspective, viewed from behind and above the player character, as opposed to the Top-Down Perspective in the earlier Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto 2 games.
The transition from top-down to full 3D has been widely regarded as a great maneuver, proven by its phenomenal sales figures.The changes made for GTA III marked a defining point in the series' graphical representation and control scheme.The game takes place in Liberty City, which is loosely based on New York City, but also incorporates elements of other American cities. There are different districts in Liberty City. It consists of three islands - Portland Island, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale. The three islands are comparatively similar to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island, respectively. The city was meant to feature buildings modeled after the then World Trade Center, but last minute edits were made to the game to remove them after 9/11.The PC version of the game received less positive, yet strong, reception. The PC version has been criticized for performance problems, especially in light of the much smoother performance of Vice City. This was due to technical issues. IGN gave the PC version a 9.4/10, while GameSpot gave it a 9.3/10.


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Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:WIndows 98 / Windows ME / Windows NT / Windows XP

CPU:Intel Pentium III or AMD Equivalent

CPU Speed: 450MHz

Memory: 64 MB RAM

Free Disk Space: 500 MB of Free Hard Disk Space

Video Card:Direct3D Graphics Card

Misc Video Card/Memory: 16 MB of Video RAM

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

DirectX Version: DirectX 8.1 or later